pic"...Don't Quit... Don't Give UP."
Phil Piccolo & His Seals
"...With the GRACE and MERCY of
GOD the FATHER in Heaven"

Important: PAP/PTS/UNS1/PHI or Refereveryone.com Member

I watched a 3 hour special the other day on the 1st 3 weeks of Navy Seal Training... Ouch... I could not believe what those men went through to reach their Goals... It was really sad that they started with 83 and by the end of the 3rd week they were left with 22 (the 3rd week was called Hell Week). Going into hell week there were 39 and in the 1st 2 days 17 quit... so literally 61 people QUIT... because they just could not take any more of the pain it cost to reach the status of being a Navy Seal.

Much like the Success of earning 100K a year or 100K a month in Network Marketing. The difference is the Navy Seal Instructors were calling these guys quitters and babies and wimps... I just know that if I was IN CHARGE of the Seal Training I could have pushed them just as hard but used words like you can do it... keep on keeping on... hang in there... you are better than this... I know there will still be "THE QUITTERS" but I also KNOW there would have been FEWER... instead of 61 quitting out of 83, maybe it would have been 45 or 50, then again maybe it would have been as low as 35, whatever your guess is, definitely MORE would have past the test.

So when it comes to The Programs that I have associated myself with...
#1 Refereveryone.com
#2 Power Health International (#1 Nutritional Company with Integrity in the World)
#3 UNS1 (#1 Kiosk System in the Country with a lot of Great Possibilities)
#4 You (that is right I am associated and committed to you)
#5 PAP & PTS (two systems that will help and deliver your success)

I want to say to you...
Hang in there! / Keep On Keeping On! / You can make it!

Unlike the Navy Seals, the systems we have in place we can carry 100% of the people... Especially those that started with us in the beginning... we will bring everyone to a higher level of Success... on ONE CONDITION... you Don't Quit... Don't Give UP.

Please listen very carefully to what I'm about to say... I will use all of my God Given Ability to make it all work for us, for you... I will not walk away from any of the programs listed above and most of all I will not walk away from you or my promises to you... I have a great team that I have assembled to help me push us all into success... and if or when you are disappointed about a delay or your downline not growing like it was promised... then just take your discouragement and multiply it by a 1000 and that is what is hitting me when I can't do it for you as quick as I want to.

No matter what... I will not Quit... Until we keep all the promises made to you. Everything we are involved in and have discussed above, with the GRACE and MERCY of GOD the FATHER in Heaven (who is my only BOSS), will succeed.

I wrote this UPDATE to let you know that if you are considering throwing in the towel because you started early on with UNS1 and Power Health International and are a bit discouraged... PRESS on, because soon these programs will reach there MOMENTUM Stages and you will want to be there when that happens. I assure you, people will say things like... you were just "LUCKY"... But you can tell them, NO, you were Persistent and Consistent as you were lucky. You can tell them about the GREAT Team you were on, but most of all you can explain that... you Hung in There.

If you were my best Friend and said "HONESTLY Phil," What is really on the Horizon? Give it to me strait... let me know what you know... here is what I would say...

Refereveryone (aka RE) is less than 30 days from being where it needs to be... PayPal was an unexpected set back. A major contributing factor was a corrupt data file within the information from the million people that are going in the database. One thing you can be assured of though... our team is pressing forward relentlessly nonstop.

RE is pressing forward through massive e-mail contracts with a database that exceeds 100 MILLION (correct ONE HUNDRED MILLION e-mails).

RE is aligning itself with e-mail systems that will be the envy of the direct marketing community.

RE is the driving force behind what will make everything and everyone associated with it a 'SUCCESS'

PAP and PTS will succeed because of RE
UNS1 and Power Health International will succeed because of RE
YOU will succeed because of RE

It took over TEN Million dollars and Four Years to create RE and it takes over $150,000 a month to maintain it. We would not invest this type of capital unless we expected a huge success. Our profoma's reflect a big SUCCESS in 2003 with millions of customers... What is more important is that every single person who is with us NOW will be profitable and successful before we are... You will be in the black most of the way, even when RE isn't.

I give you my word that I will do everything within my means to make 2003 the best year you ever had in NETWORK MARKETING

By February or March, I can see us celebrating on a CRUISE Ship in the Caribbean. Imagine, a cruise ship totally full with Refereveryone.com Leaders such as yourself.... Possibly 3000 of us all on the same Cruise ship having fun and missing all those people who QUIT...

This Thursday Evening we are introducing the new RE $330,000 Bonus System. This system is based around a $25 product... People will buy it one time or monthly, some even weekly and others will buy it daily for their business.

RE making its 100 million plus e-mail op-in list available to the world. RE will sell 2000 e-mails for $25 (add to that 500 e-mails for the 10% that are usually non-delivable for a total of 2500)... this is the lowest price in the world for a good e-mail list... RE presently pays from 5 cents to as much as $5 per e-mail.

This will help every RE member with Personal Recruiting... at that price, even if you only personally sponsored ONE PERSON from the list... you'd be way ahead of the COST.

This division of RE is called WorldWideEmails.com. It is a subsidiary of RE and will only be available to RE Matrix Associates at this price... regular price will be $125 for non-RE Matrix Associates...

All Present PAP and PTS Associates will be GRANDFATHERED in to POSITIONING and COMMISSION Bonuses too... meaning No Money nor Purchase is required to be fully activated and commissionable in this new division.

Watch for the marketing bonus plan on the site Thursday Night
You will be able to earn Multiple's of the following bonuses...
Many will earn several A's before earning B's and C's and so on...
Sales Bonus = a 2 + 4 = $25 plus 2000 e-mails
Bonus A = $500
Bonus B = $2500
Bonus C = $5000
Bonus D = $25000
Bonus E = $100,000
Bonus F = $200,000
Be on the call tonight at 11pm EST
212-461-5860 press 4091#

RE Conference Calls 11pm every night except Friday and Saturday

Coming soon
24 hour Conference call recording
3 to 5 minute sizzle call
Millions of e-mails going out to RE Prospects
About Ten Million per Week

Phil Piccolo