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Phil Piccolo
i personally don't know why i would take the time to help you see the light with this program ... but since God has blessed me with a $3,000 a day income from programs and the fact that I believe in the OneQwest opportunity to make a believer out of you ... if you invest 2 hours... 1 hour in the website... www.oneqwest.com then call the 1-212-990-6680 and listen to the conference call then i would be willing to talk with you personally

phil piccolo
954-818-6543 personal cell phone # call after you have done your homework

This week only will the double offer be in effect, so you would get double just like Dee-Ann received...

This means you will receive DOUBLE personally sponsored... Smart Move... You will have your DOUBLE within 48 hours from the time we receive your check... please reply back to let us know when you will be doing this... we will hold your position until Monday at 5 pm... please make out your check or money order for:

$1,000 for 20
$2,000 for 40
$3,000 for 60
$4,000 for 80
$5,000 for 120 (you get 20 extra on this package)

and Over Night it to:

Mail it to
c/o Phil Piccolo
3121 NE 27th Ave
Light House Point, FL 33064

the following are some powerful testimonies

Well..I have been in about 10 days now, and have just activated. The opportunity is along the same lines that I had envisioned trying to do myself, and when this came along I jumped right on it. Sponsoring folks is quite easy, either use the PAP system and they do all the work for you, or wait for possible spillover...I used the PAP and had my sponsored amount within 1 day fantastic.

Thomas Rutledge

Dear Phil,

I signed up with Oneqwest on 1/25/02 with a belief that this opportunity would enable me to make a good living working from Home. My goal was to make $5,000 per month and I think I will reach that goal very soon with the Oneqwest Business Opportunity. I will ask my wife to retire early after we continue to promote Oneqwest and deposit our $5,000+ checks per month consitently for a 6 month period. I believe in Oneqwest and I continue to promote it all over the world.

Harold Estes

I have been with Oneqwest for two weeks, I paid in the FIRST week and found 169 personally enrolled people in my line, now they are even more. I first was sceptical and asked many questions which were answered to my satisfaction. Now I want to see my first payment... All the best to you


I joined Free with in an hour of being notified - 2 days later I activated my position. I sent the transfer and forms last week. I live in UK and this takes some 4 days at a cost of $50. I am still waiting to be fully activated - I can't wait. I am working on this venture only as I feel it will soon be seen on every street corner (the product). I use 2 tools to promote my site every week to search engines and for spidering, as well as emailing people who have used my FFA site. I am now using ROIbot as well. NO SPAM.

Mark Sellars

Aloha, the first week I signed up I got 7 people signed up! I am going full speed ahead in the Next Two weeks and I am getting My POWER LEGS in place! Good luck to Everyone this Is the Greatest Opportunity Ever!

Mahalo Michael Yamane

P.S. See you in Hawaii,yor all welcome to Visit Our Island of KAUAI.

I believe One Qwest is one of the greatest opportunities to enter the network marketing field. I've never seen something build so fast and with a unique product in my over 20 years in the business. What can I say about my upline a true visionary.

Tom with World Classics

Hello Phil --

I'm pretty amazed at the response I got from the folks I sent emails to. I joined Sunday, January 27th, and I have personallysponsored 30 people. My email just told them :

"This is MLM with a twist ... we don't sell the product ... the company does."

I guess people like that idea !

Jerry Booth
Westminster, CA


I joined as soon as I got the information on the program. Mainly because of the downline that was being built for me. So I copied the ads like my sponsor said and sent it out to all I could and got 6 signups in 1 week. Then I took the special offer from the pap e-mail service for 10 more.

Great Program
John Hammon

Hi Phil,

The first time I saw OneQwest, the magnitude of what Was being offered amazed me, I became so excited. All my other business ventures immediately went on the back Burner. Unfortunately I became so focused on telling other People about this Huge opportunity that I forgot to get my loved Ones involved. When I realized this, I jumped into action, I signed up my parents, girl friend Judy, and my sister Cindy. As they had very little marketing experience, I decided to give them a little jump start . They now have nice downlines. Don't forget to share this with your loved ones. And help them Get started… wouldn't that be a great feeling, knowing you helped Your loved ones become financially independent!

When people really see what Onequest is doing and the Huge impact It is going to have, they get excited. I have downline members that email me in the middle of the night because they can't sleep. This is one of the great turning points in the telecommunications field. I believe OneQwest has the potential to be huge like Microsoft or IBM. Just think about it, If OneQwest can become a world leader in internet Phones (which is the wave of the future) And we receive a commission every time a phone is used, it staggers my mind. I believe that Internet phones are going to be more popular than pay phones Used to be, think about that. This product is going to change the way people spend time in airports, hospitals, or any other really boring place… You really don't need to sell people on this idea, just Show them what We're doing. You will be amazed at the response.

Best of Luck to all of you.
Bill Wallender

This is the GREATEST!!! From 5:02PM til 5:44PM I received notification of TWENTY New Team Members added to my downline. People that is just 32 minutes!!!!! I don't know how they do it but they did it today 2-5-02.

Jim Ramge

From Japan


Thank you for your invitation to let me tell a short testimony. I am an only a new face who joined Feb.2, 2002. After joining, I found the site which could get my site advertise and send my Ad. mail to many persons without a penny or so much money for a limited time. And the result is such a one. For only 2 or 3 days, I got 20 new downline members. The products of OneQwest have development character in future, so MLM of t he OneQwest seems to be extended in a short time, I think.

Tanks too for my sponsor's advice of Greg Mckean.
Toshio Satou

All I can say, people are making decisions to join the fastest growing program on the net. I have been around for quite a while and seen many, many programs which at first appeared to make good sense, guess what they turned out a lot different to what was proposed. It is a lot different with Oneqwest, as the enrollments have proved, we have a program that at long last, makes tremendrous good sense, lets keep the enrollments coming, for we are sure to make the name of our company a name to remember throughout the whole business of marketing.

Ralph Morton

Hello Netpreneurs,

I can hardly contain my excitement about my involvement in this Global opportunity! I AM MOOOOTIVATED!!!! On January 31, 2002, I received my official membership notification. I was ELATED to say the least! I am in position #83 and I jumped in fast! What an incredible opportunity for me to be able to QUICKLY build such a huge powerline! I now have over a thousand "Lucky" winners right behind me! What an awesome feeling that is! The first email ad I received, I had NO HESITATION! Somehow I just instinctively knew this was something I HAD to do! It's not my nature to "jump" into any business venture until I do a lot of research, but somehow I knew this was something BIG! I truly felt that I might never have another chance like this again! Communication!! Talk about communication!! The OneQwest folks and "my mentor" Phil (THE PAP GUY) has been nothing short of delightful! To those who are considering membership in this HUGE effort, I say "GO FOR IT AND DON'T LOOK BACK!" Opportunity knocks for us few times in our lives! THIS ONE IS SCREAMING....LISTEN, READ, DON'T DILLY DALLY, AND GET STARTED NOW! I can't stand it! I am going to blast off another 400,000 ads RIGHT NOW! I want EVERYONE to have the chance to become a member of this CUTTING EDGE business! WE WILL BE RICH!!

Warm regards and God bless you all!

Linda Matthews
Proud member of OneQwest!!

My name is Adam W. Bauthues.

I have been involved with the OneQwest Opportunity for less that 1 week and things have never run more smoothly for me. Getting people excited about NEW technological advancements, such as the web-ready kiosks, just happens naturally. Very powerful things are happening here at OneQwest and I am proud to be a part of a company who is taking pride in developing communication networks across the globe.

Adam W. Bauthues

The "hype" on this one is virtually unmatched. They (well, Phil Piccolo from what I see) are trying to get people to spend at least $1000 to get downlines.

The SPAM points to a business opportunity (oneqwest) that is presented by "Bill Burnham".

He has some suggestions for finding the initial fee: "Look around your house, sell your old clothes, old furniture, have a bake sale, mow some yards, just think hard - work a little extra and you will be able to come up with $375 dollars . . . . that is, IF your want in this is a big enough 'want'."

One Net Place, Inc and Quixinet, Inc. (the former Free Online Access, Inc), two of several companies Mr. Johnson was and is involved in, had an administrative dissolution for not filing an annual report on 09/22/2000. Both were re-instated on 02/27/2001.

Pro-Leisure at South Florida, another Kevin Johnson Enterprise didn't make it at all, it had an admin. dissolution for not filing an annual report on 09/24/1999, status now is inactive.

The two powerhouses OneQwest (Quote: "Since its inception, OneQwest has helped families share a message of physical and financial freedom while remaining completely debt-free.) and NetQwest (Quote:"NetQwest is quickly becoming a market leader in the Public Internet Kiosk market place.") were both registered as Florida Limited Liability Companies on 10/31/2001.

Mr. Johnson does not yet show up on the registration forms as far as OneQwest is concerned, but he signed on one form of NetQwest's incorporation papers.

Ok, and obviously a real Internet Entrepreneur cannot do without a good old .com company, so here we are Global Fast Cash.com, Inc. And this is a really good one :)

Not that I could figure out what it does (the domain seems to be dead), but, besides Mr Johnson we can find 2 other officers in this company, namely Virginia H. Lesko and one Benaavides Estuardo.

I didn't care that much about Ms Lesko and I could not find that much about Estuardo Benaavides, however, since the double "a" spelling is rather uncommon, I looked for Estuardo Benavides and things started to get really interesting.

Now, guess what! Mr. Benavides is an officer with E-monee.com, Inc. and American Multicredit Company (Registering organization for the e-monee.com domain).

Probably not such a big deal, but considering that both companies are inactive due to administrative dissolution since 09/21/2001 one has to wonder why there is obviously still business going on on the e-monee.com site.

Or maybe Mr Benavides just switched the operations from E-monee.com, Inc. over to E-monee Entertainment, Inc. or E-monee Marketing, Inc. (two more companies he's with)?

If so, he should at least update his web site, I am not so sure if the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations is very fond of such behavior.

Anyway, for those who want to keep on digging, take a look at www.sunbiz.org, the Florida Department of State site.

Also, a lot of information on web kiosks can be found at www.kiosks.org.

And by the way, at www.kis-kiosk.com you can find the manufacturer of these machines.

Phil Piccolo of NutritionForLife fame (and others) is the lead distributor for OneQwest. I just listened to a recorded message of a conference call at 212-990-6680, in which he described OneQwest as 'the leading interenet kiosk company in the world', or words to that effect. I'm trying to find out if this leading company has a kiosk installed anywhere. The headquarters of the company is at 2000 West Commercial Blvd, Suite 133, Fort Lauderdale, where they say they have an open house policy for anyone who wants to see their 'multi-million' dollar operation.

Here's one that you need to put in your "radar".

It's called OneQuest.


*** Only $1295.00 to join!!!

Where's the product?

*** No selling, WOW, "we do all the work for you" INCREDIBLE!

Or should I say unbelievable?

Have a careful look at this one, you buy discounted internet "airtime" for their alleged chain of kiosks. They then sell this airtime for you.