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It's here at last- the most exciting new laundry cleaning device of all time! In fact, it is so advanced, so revolutionary, and so far superior to all of the other laundry disk and laundry ball imitators, we had no choice but to call it "Laundry Disk 2000TM" - the laundry disk and multilevel marketing product of the new millennium!
  • NO MORE laundry detergents, laundry soap, laundry balls, or laundry solutions
  • One "Laundry Disk 2000TM " lasts 87 years!
  • There are no harsh chemical residues and only trace amounts of radioactivity
  • Tested on more than 2,500 Iraqi volunteers during the Gulf War
  • 100% hypoallergenic and environmentally safe (may cause melanomas if ingested)
  • 100% fat-free, no cholesterol, low sodium, and completely lead-free!
  • Save Water - NO WATER NEEDED to wash with the "Laundry Disk 2000TM "!
Save thousands of dollars!
The "Laundry Disk 2000TM" costs less than $0.000001 per load!
The "Laundry Disk 2000TM" works on principles of nuclear physics, not chemistry or common sense! With a revolutionary new method we made up called "SuperStructured Water Technology", the WorldWide Scam "Laundry Disk 2000TM" cleans your laundry naturally through a proprietary process which uses Plutonium Dioxide Pu-238 (identical to that used in the Cassini Saturn space probe launch!) to irradiate and ionize the billions of water molecules in each "Laundry Disk 2000TM". This creates the "SuperStructured Water" which is then able to mimic the cleaning effect of detergent and those old fashioned Laundry Balls, Discs and Solutions, without detergent, chemical agents or even water!

What is the "Laundry Disk 2000TM "?

It is highly compressed SuperStructured water that emits real radiation (not those wimpy "far-infrared electromagnetic waves" found in earlier designs) from a purified component of Plutonium Dioxide Pu-238 recycled from outdated ICBM's.
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Look closely at the "Laundry Disk 2000TM" and you can actually see and hear the ionized and irradiated water molecules at work. The plutonium stimulates the oxygen and hydrogen molecules much the same way a new teddy and tight girdle might Marv Albert, resulting in "Happy Molecules", eager and excited to jump all over your dirty laundry. [LD 2000]
What is the life expectancy of "Laundry Disk 2000TM "?

Longer than you're likely to live and long enough for us to get out of town! Other products promise up to 6 or 7 years of usage, but have only been out on the market for 8 months. We know with scientific certainty that the "Laundry Disk 2000TM" will effectively continue to irradiate your laundry for at least 87 years (the half-life for plutonium Pu-238). We guarantee it!

Can you show me any independent studies or research which prove that the "Laundry Disk 2000TM " actually works? And are there any legitimate professional organizations or recognized scientists who support these bizarre theories and concepts?

Absolutely! Here's what the experts are saying about the "Laundry Disk 2000TM":

Michael Maunu of Dynamic O.N.E. Acquitted!
OneSource Distributor Successfully Deprogrammed! Read all about it!
Tulsa World Action Line: Quantum Physics Negative Charge Laundry Balls Bogus!
Attorney General Warns Distributors to Stop Selling Products In Oregon
Criminal Complaint Filed Against Laundry Ring Distributor
[Smart Guy]
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Consumer Reports - "What, No Magic?"
Independent Test Results From Nirvana Research
Laundry Disk Study By the University of Minnesota
Dr. Hugh Cartwright of Oxford University
How Clean Is Your Underwear?
Do "Laundry Balls" Really Work?
Tests done by the University of Utah Dept. of Physics
Laundry Balls & Laundry Discs: How They Work
Results of Electron Microscopy Analysis of Structured Ie Water
[Structured Water Molecule]
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I bought an earlier model of a similar laundry gadget from my mother-in-law. Can I still use it?

Would you surf the net with an Amiga computer and a 2400 bps modem? Of course not! But we truly believe in recycling and the scientists at the WorldWide Scam laboratories have come up with some exciting new uses for your old Laundry Disk devices-


What is the "WorldWide Scam" network?

The "WorldWide Scam" network is a unique multilevel marketing group, dedicated to selling as many useless gadgets to an unsuspecting and uneducated public as possible, before either the marketing matrix collapses or the government catches up with us. We're hoping you'll join our downline and impose upon your relatives, friends, and neighbors to invest in the WorldWide Scam, too! But that's nothing new. What makes us unique is we're honest about it!

I saw a TV report that tested a "Laundry Disk" like this, and they said it didn't work and the distributors wanted their money back!

Are you going to listen to some pointy-headed intellectual at a university science lab or lazy cry-baby do-nothing MLMer who couldn't sell a laundry disk to his own mother if his life depended on it and now wants a refund on his 24 pack, or are you going to trust an internet web site like this? Besides, we also sell the "Laundry Ball 2000TM" !

(Laundry Ball 2000)

I've heard that multilevel marketing is a great way to start my own business, stay at home, and make millions of dollars working just three or fours hours a week. Is this true?

Ya gotta believe! Cause if you believe that, there's a good chance we can convince you that the "Laundry Disk 2000TM" actually works. But don't take our word for it - read fascinating accounts of entrepreneurs much like yourself who got a good taste of the multilevel marketing experience!

[Dollar] Shaking the Money Tree
What's Wrong With Multilevel Marketing?
The Mirage of Multilevel Marketing
"Make Money Fast" - Start A Multilevel Marketing Scam
The Skeptics Dictionary - Multilevel Marketing
The Other Side Of the Plan
THE NIGHTMARE BUILDERS - "Beware of the Dream"

There are so many exciting laundry products out there and so much for me to know. Where do I start? What do you recommend?

First of all, take the "Laundry Disk IQ Test" and find out how much you already know. Then you'll be ready to comparison shop at our "Laundry Product Showcase" where 24 of the world's most popular laundry gadgets are on parade!

Naturally, we recommend the "Laundry Disk 2000TM" as the best, but out of respect for trademark, copyright, and liable statutes, cannot comment upon individual products in any way. We let the products speak for themselves with quotes from their respective web sites (in accordance with appropriate "fair use" laws, of course) and links to their home pages. You be the judge!

Many distributors of these amazing laundry products have written to say that their's was the best and they even offered to send us the tests results to prove it! To read some of their comments and see the test results they have sent us, visit the "Laundry Product Test Results" page!
Who actually invented the original laundry disk?

No one really knows for sure. Recent discoveries of early writings of author Hans Christian Andersen suggest the first laundry disk may have been developed during medieval times! Read about it, in a story entitled, The Maiden's Clean Clothes!

I'm sold! The "Laundry Disk 2000TM" is obviously the best laundry gadget on the market today. But aren't you guys concerned about lawsuits from angry competitors?

Not at all! We own all the copyright and trademark rights to the unbelievable "Laundry Disk 2000TM" and any direct or indirect reference to any other product is done so in strict accordance with First Amendment rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Fair Use Clause of Section 107 of the amended Copyright Act of 1976. For more information, please visit the WorldWide Scam Legal Department.

You guys seem honest enough, but after looking through the "Laundry Product Showcase", I get a feeling that a few of those gadgets may not be on the up & up. What can I do if I suspect consumer fraud?

Good question! We recommend you contact the National Fraud Information Center. They are in close contact with Federal Agencies and will forward your questions and concerns on to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

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